Translite Printing

Translite Printing is a service of Swati Retails, Swati Retails provides various types of Translite Printing and other Printing Services like Sunpack printing, Flex Printing, Flex Sign Board Printing, Vinyl Printing ,UV Printing, Graphics Flex Printing, Indoor Flex Printing, Flex Hoarding Printing and Digital Flex Printing.
Swati Retails Provide best Quality translite printing services and different shape and size according to customer needs. A Translite is an display graphic that uses a light or lighting system to illuminate the graphic from behind the substrate material. The back-lighting effect has great results for reading or looking at signage in low light areas, it also makes any graphic stand out from others because colors are more vibrant and eye catching. Translites can be printed on the front or back of the material for different effects. In addition, the translucency of the substrate, the whiteness of the sheet, and how close the graphic is from the light source all need to be carefully considered to avoid seeing hot spots in the graphic material. When printing, translites need to be over-saturated with ink to avoid colors from looking pale and washed out, which adds additional production time and cost to printing these types of graphics.